March 2013 Results

2013 was a great year for the WTBBC.  Over the three contests this year, we had a combined total of 451 teams entered, and we paid out $89,600 in prize money.  I’d say that’s a pretty successful turnout.  We appreciate everyone who entered this year, and we hope to see you all next year.  Keep an eye on the website for next year’s contest dates.

Here are the results for the March 2013 contest. We had 162 teams entered.

Big Bobcat

First Place / 30 lbs. 12 oz. / $15,666 / Coby Frizzell Team
Second Place / 30lbs. 4 oz. / $6,714 / Wesley Glass Team


Each Paid $3,240
Most Grey Fox / 35 / Cody Barnett, Buck Barnett, Clinton Chamberlain, Zack Maner
Most Coyotes / 14 / Don Ellison, Coy Ellison, Brad Dillon
Most Cats / 5 / Lane Jones, J.C. Stelzer