January 2015 WTBBC Announcements

We have a few announcements to make before the contest, since we probably won’t get to see many of you until weigh-in on Sunday.

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone for entering.  This thing just keeps growing, and it looks like we will surpass our old record of 278 teams.

We will post the final team count and payout totals soon after 12:00 PM on Saturday, once registration has closed and we have all the money counted.  Texting or calling us during that time does not speed up the process.  This information will be posted both on our Facebook page and on www.wtbbc.org, so please check there.

Second, if you haven’t done so already, please contact a local Game Warden from the county in which you will be hunting as a courtesy.  We assure you they will appreciate it, and it may save you some time later on.  You can go to www.tpwd.state.tx.us/warden/ to look up contact information for Game Wardens by county.

We WILL NOT have a dump trailer at Field & Streams on Sunday, so please dispose of your animals responsibly.

There will be 4 random polygraph tests given to the winning teams  All winning teams, including Jackpots, are eligible to be tested.  Any team found to be cheating will be disqualified and banned from future contests.  As always, the judges make the final decision.

If you hunted in the contest, but didn’t qualify for any prize money, please stop by the weigh-in at Field & Streams anyway. We have some really great prizes to give away in our door prize drawing, so come to the stage to get your ticket.

Check out what our sponsors gave us to give away:

Donated by Items
Field & Streams Sport Light 170
Sport Gun Light 140
Tri Star Pro
Wildcat Hunting Products Cat 250 Kit (2)
Cat Tactical Kit
Madcat Headlamp Kit
FoxPro FoxPro Wildfire 2
CoyoteLight CoyoteLight Predator Hunting Light
Night Hunting Depot Wicked Light 402ZF Predator Pursuit Pack
Elusive Wildlife Technologies Kill Light® Hands Free Head Lamp Package (2)
Burnham Brothers Catastrophic DVDs

And finally, here’s how the payouts will break down:

Big Bobcat Grand Prize (70% of total entry fees minus polygraphs)
1st Place – 60%
2nd Place – 30%
3rd Place – 10%

Jackpots (30% of total entry fees)
Most Cats – 10%
Most Coyotes – 10%
Most Grey Fox – 10%

Good luck to everyone who has entered, and we will see you on Sunday.
Jeremy Harrison
Quinten Holik
Todd Schwartz