February 6th Online Registration Now Open

What an awesome turnout we had for our January 2016 contest.  Total team count was 426.  We paid out $84,250 in prize money to the Big Bobcat and Jackpot winners.  We also gave away some very nice prizes donated by our sponsors.  Be sure to check out their websites or establishments to show your appreciation to them for supporting this contest.

Online registration is now open for anyone wanting to enter the February contest using PayPal.  Teams can still mail in their entry forms with their team’s entry fee, but be sure they get to us BY THURSDAY before the contest.  (Money Order or Cashiers Check ONLY.  No personal checks, please.)  Of course, you can also stop by Field and Streams in San Angelo, Texas any time between now and 12:00 PM on the Saturday of the contest. The entry fee is due when you turn in your entry form.  There are NO REFUNDS.

Online registration will close at 12:00 AM, Monday, February 1st (that is Sunday night / Monday morning), to give us time before the contest to transfer the funds from the PayPal account.

Please do not wait until the last minute to register.  With the contest growing as large as it has been, we simply cannot accommodate all of the requests to get teams registered at the last minute.  We feel that we provide plenty of opportunities to enter (Online, In-Person, By Mail).  The three of us all have jobs, and we try our best to help you guys out, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to manage all of the last minute requests.  Please do us a favor and enter early.  If you aren’t quite sure who is going to be on your team, read on.

Remember, if you need to make changes to your team members after you’ve turned in your entry form, it MUST be done in writing so that we have a record of it.  An email to info@wtbbc.org is the ONLY acceptable method to add/remove a team member.  Submitting your team change using the Contact Us page is the same as an email.  Your team change request must include all of your original team members’ full names and the name(s) of the person(s) you are adding/removing.

Please take time to read the Rules FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions regarding the rules.

Be sure to check out www.wtbbc.org and follow our Facebook page for the latest information and updates.