February 2016 Results

Congratulations to all of the winning teams in the February 2016 WTBBC, and thank you to all who entered. Our total team count was 502 teams. We weighed 37 qualified bobcats and paid out $99,650 in prize money.

WTBBC would like to thank all those who entered for supporting the contest. It wouldn’t continue growing as it has without your help in spreading the word. Keep telling all of your hunting buddies about it!!

Also, please show our sponsors your appreciation of their support by visiting their websites or establishments, and patronizing them when they can be of service to you.
We look forward to seeing you all again for the March 5th contest.

Here are the results:

Big Bobcat

First Place31 lbs. 4 oz. / $41,718 / Cliff McMullan, Bryn Humphrey, David O’Banon
Second Place / 30 lbs. 0 oz. / $20,859 / Cameron Lee, Cory Whisman
Third Place / 29 lbs. 5 oz. / $6,953 / Billy Tucker, William Wood, Hunter Tucker, Sterling Wood


Each Paid $10,040
Most Grey Fox / 77 / Ernie Kaiser, Guy Hohman, John Forster
Most Coyotes / 40 / Bruce Williams, Nathan Elliott, Jarrod Usener, Keith Bowles
Most Cats / 8 / (two-way tie)
– Travis Land, Derek Deharde
– Corey Gilbert, Tyler Nease