March 9th Online Registration Open

Hey hunters, we’re just over a week away from the 3rd and final round of the 2013 WTBBC. March 9th is our last hunt, and we’ve seen some pretty awesome numbers in 2013. Our January hunt paid out a total of $27,000 to the winners with 135 teams entered, and the February hunt paid out $30,000 with 155 teams entered.  This contest grows by word of mouth, so let’s spread the word.

It was brought to our attention this week that the time change will occur on the weekend of our March contest.  Since this will essentially shorten the contest by one hour, we’ve decided to change the weigh-in time on Sunday to 12:00 PM instead of 11:00 AM.  This will keep the length of the contest at 23 hours, just like past contests.  It will also help prevent teams from showing up late to weigh-in if they forget to change their clocks that night.  Please help us get this rule change out to all the teams that may not see this post.

Online Registration via PayPal is now open on our website. We will shut off PayPal at 12:00 AM on Monday, March 4th (that is Sunday Night / Monday Morning), so if you plan to pre-register, please don’t wait until the last minute. We have to close it early to have the funds available for the contest.

Please remember that once you pay your entry fee, there are NO REFUNDS!  We pay out 100% of the entry fees, so consider how it would look if we announce on Saturday that there are 135 teams, but only pay out 130 teams worth of prize money on Sunday.  We try to run an honest contest, so please help us keep it that way.

Thank you all for supporting this contest. See you on March 9th!
Good Luck!