January 11th Online Registration Now Open

Welcome back everyone.  We hope you are all rested up and ready to throw down some fur.  This is just a reminder that the January 11, 2014 West Texas Big Bobcat Contest is right around the corner.  It’s only 5 weeks away, in fact. Online registration is now open for anyone wanting to enter the January contest.  Teams can still mail in their entry forms with the entry fee, but be sure to get them to us before the contest starts.  (Money order of Cashiers Check ONLY.  No personal checks, please.)  Of course, you can also stop by Field and Streams any time between now and noon on the Saturday of the contest. The entry fee is due when you turn in your entry form.  Please remember there are NO REFUNDS.
Online registration will close at 12:00 AM, Monday, January 6th, to give us time before the contest to transfer the funds from the PayPal account.  Don’t wait until the last minute if you are going to register online..
Please remember, if you need to make changes to your team members after you’ve turned in your entry form, it must be done in writing so that we have a record of it.  An email to wtbbc@hotmail.com or a text message to Jeremy Harrison (325) 277-0214 are the only acceptable methods to change a team member.

Be sure to check out www.wtbbc.org and our Facebook page for more information and updates.