February 1st Online Registration Closing Soon

If you are planning on using Online Registration for the February 1st, contest, this is a reminder that it will close at 12:00 AM on Monday, January 27.  That’s this Sunday night / Monday morning!

If you miss that opportunity, you can still mail in your registration and entry fee. Be sure to include all team members’ names and a phone number for one team member, so we can contact you to confirm receipt. I will send an email on Monday to everyone who registered online, to let you know that we got it.

As always, you can register in person at Field and Streams in San Angelo during their normal business hours.

Please remember, if you need to make changes to your team members after you’ve registered, it must be done in writing so that we have a record of it.  Include the names of your current team members, and the names of the team members you are adding/removing.  An email to wtbbc@hotmail.com or a text message to Jeremy Harrison (325) 277-0214 are the only acceptable methods to change a team member.

If you have pre-registered, then you DO NOT need to be at Field and Streams on Saturday morning. Your team can begin hunting at 12:00 PM on Saturday.

Good Luck, and we’ll see you on January 11th!!