This is a 23 hour contest
The contest does NOT provide the land to hunt.
All hunting must be done within Texas.

Heaviest Bobcat wins Grand Prize.
To qualify your bobcat, your team must kill either 5 Grey Fox or 5 Coyotes
(NO MIXING OF THE TWO). If you do not qualify a bobcat, your team is still eligible for the Jackpots. Hunting begins at 12:00 PM on the Saturday of the contest. Weigh-in is the following Sunday at 11:00 AM at Tom Green County 4-H Center in San Angelo, TX.

Entry fee is $200 per team.
Contest pays 1st through 5th place biggest bobcat, and 3 jackpot prizes.

In the event of a tie, Grand Prize and Jackpots will be split evenly. The $200 entry fee will be divided as follows: $170 will goes toward the Main Big Bobcat Contest. $30 is divided 3 ways for each of the following jackpots: Most Bobcats / Most Grey Fox / Most Coyotes.
All teams will be entered in Jackpots.

If you have pre-registered online or by mail, and you have confirmation that we have received your entry fee, your team may begin hunting at 12:00 PM on Saturday. If you registered in-person at Field & Streams, then you will not receive confirmation.

 Failure to check in with judges on Sunday by 11:00 AM sharp at the Tom Green County 4-H Center with your entire team will result in disqualification of your team — No Exceptions!

Entry forms are available at Field & Streams in
San Angelo, Texas, or on our website.

Mail-in entries are welcome, but must be received by the Thursday prior to contest. Mail-in entry fee must be made by Money Order or Cashiers Check.  Please waive the signature requirement on any expedited shipping services.
No personal checks, please!!

General rules:
1. Must follow all County, State, and Federal hunting laws.  If you break the law, your team WILL be disqualified! (This includes having proper Texas hunting license.  A Trapper’s license is NOT required to hunt.  It is only required to sell your hides to a fur buyer.)
2. 4 members maximum per team
3. All team members must be present at weigh-in on Sunday to claim prize money.  No Exceptions!
4. All team members must hunt together at all times. No splitting up.
5. All animals must be killed within this 23 hour hunting contest.
6. No trapped, snared, caged-raised, or frozen animals will be allowed.
7. No pooling of animals between teams.
8. No hunting in baited areas.
9. No modifying the weight of animals in any way.  We will not weigh a wet cat.
10. Trolling is legal! (Driving around while playing caller)
11. No use of Aircraft or dogs (Teams may use a dog to help find a wounded animal, but not to hunt.)
12. The use of “Night Vision” of any kind and for any reason is prohibited.  This includes thermal and infrared imaging. You cannot use it for spotting or finding wounded or dead animals.
13. Decision of judges is FINAL! (JUDGES WILL BE HUNTING IN CONTEST)
14. ALL winning teams will be given a polygraph!!!!!!

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the rules, please view our Rules FAQ.

For more information contact:
Jeremy Harrison (325) 277-0214, Quinten Holik (325) 656-8784,
or Todd Schwartz (325) 234-6666